Walmart Carries Just Get On That Plane

We are pleased to announce that Walmart has become the latest major retailer to officially carry Just Get On That Plane, the second book, available in ebook and paperback format, by Yaakov Yanky Greenspan.

Walmart is currently offering free two day delivery throughout the US and is carrying the paperback version of Just Get On That Plane.

The US retailer has become the third non-Amazon retailer to distribute the book to international markets.

It is joined by Mighty Ape (New Zealand), Takealot (South Africa), and Saxo (Denmark). Additionally the book is available through Book Depository and all global Amazon marketplaces.

Commenting on the news, a representative said that: “Walmart’s decision to sell Just Get On That Plane is excellent news for American Jews who will have an even easier time getting hold of a copy. Those that are interested in moving to Israel should do so at the soonest opportunity.”

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