Response To After Aliyah Allegation

On Shvat 11 5781, Shmuli Rubinstein, writing for After Aliyah, alleged that I am a fake person and that my face was generated by an AI algorithm.

The article began:

“In its first investigative report, After Aliyah has learned of concerning rumors that an emerging Jewish e-book author who claims to be based in Ramat Beit Shemesh (RBS) is in fact a completely fictitious online identity whose “face” is in fact the product of an AI algorithm.”

And continued:

“A well-placed whistleblower, who claimed to have insider knowledge of ‘Greenspan’ and his true identity, says that a website called This Person Does Not Exist was used to generate an artificial face that was actually constructed by an AI algorithm.”

In response to these allegations, today, I comment as follows:

“I have no comment about the allegations contained in the After Aliyah article. I have never commented on this matter. And I do not intend upon doing so now. I request that those contacting me do not bring up this issue again.”

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