Just Get On That Plane Translations

A number of individuals have reached out since the publication of Just Get On That Plane to express interest in translating the book into different world languages.

It is the author’s belief that this would be a very important undertaking that would allow the book’s message to reach the widest possible audience of Jewish readers worldwide!

In prioritising which languages to translate the book to, the author believes that the freely available data about the Jewish population by country (Wikipedia) is the obvious starting point.

Altogether (at the time of writing) there are more than eight million Jews living outside of the State of Israel.

Significant populations, along with the languages, they speak, are as follows:

CountryJewish population (M)Language
Canada0.39English and French

Therefore it is proposed to translate the book into the following languages (by order):

1. French

2. Spanish

3. Russian

4. German

5. Portuguese

Quotes have been received from various translation companies for the translation of the book (about 40,000 words at the time of writing) from English into European French. The quotes are approximately in the $4,000 territory.

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