Just Get On That Plane: Aliyah. And Why You Need To Make It (Right Now!) (e-book and paperback)

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Thinking about making aliyah (moving to Israel)? If you’re like many American Jews, then Israel’s decision to shut its borders to preserve public health might have caused a lump to form in your throat. The gates of the State closed in the face of the Jewish Diaspora. Could it happen again? In this highly original, semi-fictitious work, “Yaakov ‘Yanky’ Greenspan” (author, From Titus to Trump) explains why the Jewish Diaspora is doomed to fail and why Israel is the only place where Jews should be making a home for themselves. Arguing both lucidly and with raw passion, Greenspan contends that the time for world Jews to move to Israel is right now! After outlining the various reasons why, and the monumental importance of Jews moving to Israel, Greenspan provides a tour-de-force outline of how the Jewish State is both succeeding and primed for further success in various measures: economically, socially, and politically. If you’re on the fence about making aliyah, then this is the book that will win you over and have you reaching for your luggage tags. A perfect purchase for anybody thinking about aliyah, or anybody with relatives who need that extra bit of convincing, Just Get On That Plane will take its place among the literature of Jews who passionately argue that Israel is the only fitting Jewish home.

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