Based in Ramat Beit Shemesh (RBS), a thriving commuter town near Jerusalem, Yaakov ‘Yanky’ Greenspan is the Founder and Principal at Greenspan Public Affairs (dBa Greenspan Consulting) and Greenspan Events (dBa Yaakov Greenspan Events).

Born and raised in Bedford, NY, Yaakov spent five years attending Jewish learning institutions in the Tri-State area before “answering the call of his people”, as Yaakov likes to put it, and fulfilling his lifelong dream of immigrating to Israel.

While still living by New York, he developed an ardent interest in political communication — interning and then contracting at Shulman Events and becoming active in pro-Israel causes — both in campus and throughout the city. His first public presentation, “Why Israel’s Wall Must Stand Strong” won him plaudits from school groups across the city’s boroughs.

After becoming religiously observant, joining a trip to Israel, serving as a Madrich (leader) on one, and rising through the echelons of the hasbara world (explaining Israeli policies), Yaakov decided to begin offering his services as a political affairs consultant, initially to grassroots activists. Firstly, this activity was by Far Rockaway and only later was it by other Five Towns communities and in Passaic and Englewood, all communities which are near and dear to Yanky’s heart.

Now based in RBS, Yaakov continues to help grassroots organizations, including amutot (NGOs) develop communications strategies and forge relationships with those in the political sphere. He holds that advocating for Israeli and Jewish causes is a must — not an option! — and is happy to assist any individual or group willing to raise their voice.

Yanky is passionate about Jewish learning, education, Ashkenazi Jewish cooking, and religious observance — this year he won the Greenspan Family Annual Cholent Cook-Off, beating out stiff competition from Down Under (Moishy Greenspan) and the Wild West (Yanky’s term for the West Coast) (Leah Feldman).

Yaakov is religious observant and does not answer emails or respond to clients during the Jewish Sabbath.

Note: during Adar of 5781, a website alleged that Yaakov ‘Yanky’ Greenspan was a fake person devised to support a pen name. Greenspan has issued no comment on this matter.

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